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WEDDING TIP: Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

When it comes to one of the most special occasions in life - your wedding - choosing the right stationery and wording will help to set the right tone and feel. Here are a few basic tips when it comes to wedding invitation etiquette.


Save the date cards are a perfect way to get your wedding guests excited and get them to mark their calendars while setting the tone for your special day. Save the dates are especially important for destination weddings as it gives your guests time to plan, arrange travel and request time off from work.

Information on this card should include:

  • Name of bride and groom

  • Wedding date

  • Wedding location

  • Wedding website (if applicable)

  • A note saying: "Invitation to Follow"

To whom should it be sent?

Only to those who are getting a formal invitation

When should it be sent?

  • Local Wedding: 4 months before wedding

  • Destination Wedding: 8 to 12 months before wedding



While Save the Date Card is the first item your guests get to see and enjoy, the wedding invitations are what set the stage for the wedding. It is often said to be one of the most essential parts to planning a wedding. But it doesn't have to be costly. With the right planning, the perfect invitation can be achieved - even on a limited budget.

Information on this invitation should include:

  • Name of the host (typically bride's parents)

  • Name of bride and groom

  • Date & time of ceremony

  • Location of ceremony

  • Dress code

  • Reception details (if not included on insert card - see below)

When should it be sent?

  • Local Wedding: 6 to 8 weeks before wedding

  • Destination Wedding: 3 to 4 months before wedding



Reply cards are used for traditional and formal weddings. It is a way to help finalize the guest list, give caterers final meal option choices and headcount along with ensuring a smooth planning process. Some hosts choose to gather wedding replies online through a website.

Information on this reply card should include:

  • Blank line for name of attendees.

  • Deadline by which guests need to send a reply (use a date 3 to 4 weeks before wedding).

  • Accept option (for guests who choose to attend)

  • Regret option (for guests who will not be able to attend)

  • Entrée selection

When should it be sent?

Reply cards are typically sent with the official wedding invitation.

  • Local Wedding: 6 to 8 weeks before wedding

  • Destination Wedding: 3 to 4 months before wedding

Note: An envelope is typically included for guests to use to mail reply.



Insert cards gives hosts the opportunity to include important information such as website, reception details, accommodation details, transportation details and other vital information that gusts should know.

We hope the basic tips above will help you with invitation etiquette for your big day!

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