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WEDDING TIP: Choosing Your Flowers

One of the hardest yet most exciting parts of wedding planning is choosing the #flowers. Why? Because it will set the tone and theme for the entire day. But what flowers should you choose? Here are 5 tips to help you get started.

1. Figure out the budget. Before you get too excited, calculate the costs. Because of the tone that flowers set at a wedding, they can easily use up 10% of your entire wedding budget. Figure out how much you want to spend on flowers (#bouquets, #boutonnieres, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception) and let your florist know your budget. Extra Tip: Choose flowers that are in season for a great impact with low price.

2. Flowers should reflect your personal taste. Figure out what you like and let your #florist know. He or she will be able to provide you with advice and guidance. If your preferred flowers are out of season, a good florist will be able to help you find beautiful substitutes that achieve the same style.

3. Consider the venue when choosing your flowers. Your venue will impact the quantity and color of the floral arrangement. For example, if the ceremony is being held outdoors in a garden that already has a variety of flowers, you may want to cut back on the amount of flowers used.

4. Consider the color. The colors chosen should compliment the entire wedding theme. Colors chosen should cause flowers to stand out wherever they are located. Giving a swatch of a #bridesmaid dress or of your color theme to your florist can go a far way in getting the right colors.

5. Use The Flower Dell! You will never be disappointed with the results from using the amazing, very talented Del! From personal experience and working with her a lot, I can confidently say she is THE BEST! @the_flower_dell_cayman


Remember, your floral arrangements will be included a lot of photos, especially the important ones. So make sure the flowers you choose will add to and not subtract from your special moment.

Would you like me to capture your special moment? Say hello!

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