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Updated: Mar 19, 2019


Caribbean Club Beach Wedding

A Caribbean Club wedding in the Cayman Islands, surrounded by their friends and family on the famous seven mile beach.

Wedding Planner: Dora | Celebrations

Marriage Officiant: Brides Uncle | Dave Campbell

Hair & MakeupRock Gorgeous | Kadian & Natalie


Flowers: King Protea and monstera leafs |Celebrations

Live Music: Trinity

DJ: Craig | OneWorld

Grooms Suit: Brook Brothers

First Shooter: Rebecca Davidson

Second Shooter: Dani (aka The Groom Whisperer – Matt named her )

Can you tell us something cute or unique about your wedding?

When Matt and I had started planning our wedding I had two requests… one, to marry Matt and two, to do so barefoot… hence the beach wedding with barefoot sandals!

How would you describe your overall wedding experience?

Seamless. With the exception of our (bride and groom) flight in to Grand Cayman arriving 10 hours behind schedule, everything went absolutely perfect. We assembled The Dream Team of vendors which made our whole experience so enjoyable!

Tell me about your dress. 

I spent two days with my parents going to three different bridal shops. At our third and final shop I tried on about a dozen dresses and the first time I put on The Dress I BURST IN TO TEARS. I pulled myself together and continued to try on the other dresses to narrow it down and the second time I put The Dress back on I burst back in to tears a second time. It was the only dress I cried in so their was no denying it was My Dress!

How did you two meet?

Matt and Meredith are bringing their story full circle by getting married on Grand Cayman Island! They first met while both on family vacation at the Cayman Beach Suits. Meredith was on day 3 when she noticed Matt and his family at the hotel. Meredith’s mom apparently noticed as well, as she went up to Matt and his younger brother, Geoffrey, at the pool side bar and promptly started conversation. She saw Geoffrey’s Ohio University hat (her alma mater) which was met with a giant hug and immediately followed by Matt asking, “if he gets a hug for starting at OU next year, what does an alumni get?” Apparently it got him his first kiss from a Bond girl! And on that note, Meredith felt it appropriate to then introduce herself. After an evening out with the brothers, followed by a few inseparable days to follow, the two families saw something brewing between the two. On the last day of both families being on vacation, Matt’s sister and mom plus Meredith’s mom finished the trip exchanging these words, “Well, I guess we will see you all at the wedding…”

How did he pop the question?

Matt and Meredith took their first annual trip abroad to Saint Martin in October 2016. As this trip was a gift from Matt it was a perfect opportunity for him to deceive Meredith in thinking they were going on a trip solely for a belated birthday celebration. Upon arrival, a couple Pina Coladas and a quick nap on the beach the two started to get ready for their first dinner on the island. Meredith taking longer than Matt (surprising, right) finally met him out on the balcony when she was ready to go. Matt proceeds to say a few sweet words which were followed by Meredith’s “Awe you’ve always been the romantic one. Let’s go, I’m hungry!” Attempt number two of romantic swoon-ing followed by Meredith’s second attempt at conveying she was hungry. It wasn’t until Matt stood up out of his chair that Meredith shut up about food and realized what was happening. “We met on an island, we lived on an island, it only makes sense to get engaged on an island.”

Did you see each other before the wedding? If not, did you like waiting or would you have rather done it differently? Tell me why or why not!

Matt and I would both recommend doing a First Look! It not only takes some of the pressure and anxiety away but also allows you to have a special moment together. Plus, it allows for more time to enjoy your evening getting most of the pictures done prior to the ceremony!

Were there any unique items in your wedding that you would like to highlight?

My handkerchief was part of my mom’s wedding dress then dyed for my “something blue.” I also wore her mom’s wedding ring for my “something old.”

What were you most anxious, nervous or fearful about regarding your wedding day and what was the outcome?

My husband having to take pictures all day! With Rebecca and Dani this fear vanished instantly!

What photography related advice would you offer to a couple?

Hire Rebecca (and Dani)… period, end of discussion. And to do the first look!

How was your experience taking photos/working with me on your wedding day?

Saying my husband detests getting his picture taken would be an understatement. From the moment he met Dani (“the groom whisperer”) and took his first picture, he was so comfortable and willing to spend the day in front of the camera.

How did you feel during your vows or just before you walked down the aisle?

Calm, excited, overwhelmed with so much love!

What advice would you offer other couples planning a destination wedding?

Hire a wedding planner, especially for their help the day-of the wedding. My biggest piece of advice for brides is to save any stresses for the planning and when you arrive for your wedding week, go with the flow. It made the week and wedding day so easy and enjoyable to just trust those in charge and not care about the little things!

What made you choose the Cayman Islands for your destination wedding?

We met there 5 1/2 years prior… we wanted to bring our love story full circle!

Were there any traditions or ethnic customs that were included in your wedding? 

Matt collects sand from every beach he visits and my (bride) mom surprised him and our guests with tiny bottles of Cayman sand at each table.

What was your favorite moments from the wedding?

Our first dance was performed by Trinity with vocals by my (bride) God-Brother, Andrew Boza. Both Matt and I felt as though the world had melted away and it was only us. Although the whole event was about us, having time alone as a couple that evening was few and far between and that dance allowed us to have that time together! And to share that moment with my God-Brother made it that much more spectacular.

What was the first song you danced to as husband and wife? Father-daughter dance? Mother-son dance?

First dance: I Don’t Dance (Music by Trinity, Vocals by bride’s God-Brother, Andrew Boza) Father-daughter dance: Walk With You (Music by Trinity, Vocals by bride’s God-Brother, Andrew Boza) 

Mother-son dance: Stand By Me (Music and Vocals by Trinity)

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